Kjeld B. Olesen

Kjeld B. Olesen is a Danish EU Consultant based in Brussels, and Founder of KBOlesen Project Development which specializes in supporting projects from “cradle-to-cradle”.


From an industrial and academic perspective, he has been involved in all steps of project development. This involves innovative brainstorming for new products, technologies or business development, project development through the identification of partners, building the necessary consortium, and leading the project from a descriptive to a competitive proposal.

Kjeld has 25 years broad experience in applying for and leading projects under the EU Multiannual Financial Frameworks (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programmes including Horizon2020, CIP, and COSME), Nopef (Nordic Project Export Fund) Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth foundation), EUREKA, DANIDA – B2B Programme, the Danish Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, and other nationally funded programmes.


There is an extensive list of sectors where he has written successful proposals which includes food processing, agriculture, environment, waste management, wood processing machinery industry, textile design and production, metal processing, logistic systems, turnkey solutions production, series and mass production, and nano-materials, energy including renewable energy, energy efficient consumption, and ICT, just to name a few.

With ICT being a cross-cutting enabler of Horizon 2020, Kjeld has worked on, amongst other topics, mobile and wireless communication, computer science, robotics, intelligent transport systems, health projects on integrated care and independent living.


Apart from managing contract negotiations with supporting authorities, or preparing and assisting other parties for the contract negotiations, his experience varies from project administration and evaluation to follow-up on the completed project, guaranteeing that the project’s aims are never out of focus.

He was employed as Project Manager of “MAGNET”, and “MAGNET Beyond”, which at that time was the largest EU project in Denmark, involving 42 partners from Asia, North America and Europe. It received EU financial support of EUR 20,3, and involved a total budget of approximately 34 million EURO.

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